My Smartphone Is NOT My Life

Personal Post:


I think we can all agree that the advance of technology has changed our lives. Some say technology has changed our lives for the better, and some will say otherwise, but it’s hard to hate something that makes our lives a little easier…. okay, maybe a lot.

My phone shattered on concrete two months ago, but I’d only gotten the smartphone in the beginning of the year. You would think the disconnection with the world wouldn’t be so bad because I was used to the older brick phones with sliding QWERTY boards and no wifi. My parents aren’t the type to go out and buy the latest gadgets, so I patiently waited until my ancient phone’s contact expired before finally indulging in a new toy. Technically, I was okay with not having a phone because neither do I like texting, nor am I crazy about Facebook and Instagram to care. Nonetheless, I was also shocked at how absolutely vital my phone had quickly become in my life. My mother complained every day until I got a new phone because she worried when I couldn’t text/call her to let her know where I was or what I was doing. My dad complained because he sometimes sends me documents through an app for me to skim through a proofread which I could no longer do. My 17-year-old sister complained that she couldn’t send me silly snapchats during class while my boyfriend developed a strong dislike for my unfortunate inability of letting him know when plans changed last minute.

Even though I was content with not having a phone, it seemed to cause greater distress for everyone else in my life. We have all become so dependent on our devices that we expect all our friends and family to be just a beep away when we need them. I personally liked not having to reply to meaningless texts or having the distraction of my Twitter feed at my fingertips during lecture… it was nice taking a break from technology and living outside the social media world for a little bit, but you better believe I missed it!

I am notorious for getting lost, so the GPS app on my phone is a lifesaver at least 4 out of 7 days a week. I tend to jot down thoughts or mental memos as I go about my day so I can remember them later, so the “Notes” widget on my phone is extremely helpful when it comes time to scribble a news pitch or something interesting that I heard. Oh, and the camera… it broke my heart a few times when I would reach into my back pocket to grab my phone and snap a quick picture because I love documenting everything in my life! If there is one thing that technology has done right, it is the invention of the camera on smartphones. I believe pictures are priceless, so when you think “oh that’s cool” or “that’s hilarious”….. take a picture! Pictures will be all we have left from the past.


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