Hype-Ur-Bubble Down A Notch





Because it’s not that great…


An example of a bad website, in my opinion as I’m sure you will also agree, is the website called Hyperbubble. The website is designed to promote the band “Hyperbubble” but clearly has not grasped the idea of text. The whole site is fixated on memes/images and even relies on them to announce performance gigs… not that you could even find it through the list of options.

Hyperbubble uses a Mystery Meat Navigation (MMN) and multiple pages that contain MMN to prevent users from ever finding actual content. Viewers must blindly click through the 13+ links before finding something profound to read about the band. There was recently 2 pages of symbols before browsers could even find the real page, but luckily that has been somewhat improved. Now there is nothing on the main page but links… so I think the owners of this site need to find a balance. It’s a shame that folks who want to share their musical talents hide their work from the audience due to their lack of basic knowledge on websites.

Don’t be Hyperbubble and go to Lynda.com for tutorials on just about ANYTHING! Enjoy 🙂

20101004 CNN frontpage

My favorite news site would be CNN.com because the content for the website is organized and updated frequently so I am guaranteed the read/watch the latest news going on in the world. I especially like the sub-categories along the left side of the site with a list of the latest news, top stories, opinion pieces and a list of stories that might have been missed the first time around. Even a little over a year ago, this page was a little overwhelming because all the lists and categories looked cluttered, but it has incorporated thumbnails and videos to ease viewers through all the information.

There are a few other websites I turn to when I’m browsing for news, but many are reporting on more and more sensationalized content rather than “news.” Sorry, but I could care less about where Miley Cyrus was twerking over the weekend or what color Kim Kardashian dyed her hair. Sometimes I don’t mind reading about TV gossip, but not on sites that are generally intended for news.




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