You Don’t Need To Google This..


Everyone knows what Google is, but did you know that it was named after the word “goo-gol” which is the number 10 raised to the power 100. When written in numerical form, it is number 1 followed by 100 zeros. With all those zeros, it’s not hard to believe that Google is just about Apple with a net worth of $200 billion! Every day, the search engine answers more than 100 billion questions from people all around the world in 181 countries.

Of those 100 billion questions, 15% of the questions are asked for the first time. When it comes to typing it in, keep in mind that every word does not have to be typed in order to pull the best possible results. For example, “dimensions and weight of the 2010 macbook air” works just as well as if someone types “dimensions weight 2010 macbook air.”

I have an Android and absolutely love all the features that Google products entail. With that being said, I have used Google Docs, Google+ Hangout, Google voice and etc under various circumstances. I’m currently using Google Docs for a group assignment in one of my classes where all members of the group can sign onto their gmail account and work on one document from different locations. Google Voice gives you one number for all your phones which the option of specifying ringtones based on who is calling.

Overall, Google products are emerging left and right….. if you’re not already familiar with everything Google has to offer, you should definitely look into it! After all, there are Google operated sunglasses now. How cool is that!?!


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