Tumbling Tips 4 Tumblr


Tumblr is a blogging platform now owned by Yahoo. It was founded by David Karp in 2006 and launched in February of 2007 where it gained over 75,000 users in two weeks! Tumblr has a dashboard similar to WordPress which allows users to keep track of their posts, pictures and comments all in one place. There is the capability of posting straight to your blog by emailing your content to a custom email address provided for your URL. Recently, Tumblr added the option of phoning in your posts by dialing 1-866-584-6757 and leaving a message which will be available on your page within seconds!

Tumblr has many preloaded themes that you can use for your blog and your linked page. Custom layouts allow users to use HTML code to completely customize the look of their blog. Custom layouts are good to make profiles stand out form the rest. However, before you start posting, be sure to follow people and have people follow back so you’re not posting to yourself. It’s best to centralize blogs around a specific theme to give it meaning and help other follows know what to expect. Tumblr allows your to assign key words to posts which help others search for posts that can be found on your blog. It also makes it easier for people who aren’t following you to find your posts when they search for your tags.

Google analytic monitors visits to your profile and also provides the key words used to bring traffic to your blog. Not only is a blog limited to just the owner, but it allows the owners to share comments and complaints by others onto their blog to engage followers in discussion or form a updated FAQ page.


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