Face-to-Face With Facebook


Facebook is about connecting you with the people who are important to you through a variety of different ways. Users can upload pictures and post statuses for everyone in their friends’ list to see as well as take a more personal route and post on friends’ personal walls. There is also the method of instant messaging which now allows users to video calls, similar to Skype if both users have installed the right program and are both online at the same time.

People are able to look up recommended companies, music, restaurants and so much more. However, many are not aware of these tools and widgets. A new way of doing this is by using #hashtags on Facebook like it is used on Twitter. Companies can use a graph search in order to learn more about their fans and competition because it shows more of what their fans like and also what competitors are lacking to fill in the format hole.

Pictures are most engaged with and reach the most people as compard to other content such as links, status updates, etc; it recieves 5-20 times more interaction.

Anyone over 13-years-old is allowed to join the social network service.
The site is currently valued at $100 billion.


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