Get Your Niche Together, People!

“The best journalism isn’t judged by form or medium but by its effect on readers’ lives
– Ryan Pitts, Senior Editor for Digital News.

I’ve spent most of my life striving to become a journalist, but my ultimate goal in life would be to change lives for the better. I can’t think of a better career than helping people understand what is happening around them and giving them the tools to make decisions; this is what true journalism entails. The senior editor for Digital News, Ryan Pitts, says “we should be able to build something that not only exposes the bigger picture but also helps people focus on the details most relevant to their lives.”


However, in order to help people with their lives… we must be able to establish a strong foundation for ourselves to succeed. First thing first, your digital life will take up a huge chunk of your time because in this day in time, almost everything can be done using technology. It’s easy for all your documents to become disheveled, so organize your email because you can at least start by bringing order where there is commonly chaos. One way is to limit the time your email is opened up on your computer screen. Attend to other duties for an hour or two, or four, and then launch the email site back up and address the new emails before closing out again.

Second, organize your contacts by using spreadsheets or Google Docs software. Keeping up with new and old contacts is vital for journalists. Nonetheless, contacts are not the only loose leaf pieces of information you want to set up in a document, so also organize beat sheets of story ideas and source lists by categories. It will make life much easier when time comes for you to whip up a news story in a very limited amount of time. You won’t have to go digging in your purse or rummage through the junk in your back seat for that business card you received two weeks ago.

Lastly, help fellow reporters do their job by sharing data on an application programming interface (API) which allows anyone to tap into their data and build tools and Web pages for mashups. A minor key point that one journalist may have found could be the minor detail needed for another journalist to crack their case! With that result, journalists are expanding their power to establish justice. Isn’t that what journalism is all about?

Thanks for reading 🙂

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me if you have any questions!


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