Let Me Tell You About A Few Blogs…

Blogs range through a variety of interests from arts and photography to the fundamental purposes of sharing one’s feelings with their followers. My favorite website to read blogs about world news is Yahoo! News. The writers incorporate images, videos, links and other aides to help readers better understand the content being read.

An updated article about the 4-year-old blonde girl found in Greece displayed an image gallery with photographs taken from the interview, as well as from the natural setting of the mother and her other children. The story had made national news, so when DNA tests proved the identity of 33-year-old Sasha Ruseva as the mother, it was nice to see an image gallery of the woman and her other children related to the mysterious blonde girl from Greece. Not only were the pictures well done and extremely relevant to the content of the article, but they also had captions that explained the details of each photograph. The Yahoo! News website also includes capabilities of sharing the articles on social media networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, so that the newsworthy content can continue to spread onto other websites.

To read more information on this case, click here.


So when it comes to blogs I don’t like… it would start with TMZ and all of its useless gossip that the site happens to deem “newsworthy.” Although I sometimes read the latest gossip about celebrities from TMZ, their process of publicizing information and lack of moral values disgusts me. With TMZ, there are no boundaries or a chance at mercy if a celebrity’s private details are leaked to the public. If a TMZ reporter or photographer is able to get their hands on touchy documents of personal content, you better believe it’s going straight onto their website for everyone to see.

Sometimes the news articles being published are petty and irrelevant junk that does not need to be publicized; it is only further ruining reputations and spreading gossip that may not necessarily be true. However, if that is the case, TMZ only slashes through their public content with a line as if the line is enough to recant their previous statements. This sort of “journalism” is a disgrace to the true journalists who strive to report factual stories backed up by credible sources.

Check out this completely meaningless article solely based on reality television fans who LOVE drama (ridiculous!)


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