CNN Speaker Gives Pointers On Graphic Design And Editing


Shortly after Monica Pearson spoke, the Speakers Auditorium opened its doors to receive a CNN member, Adrienne Lee, to talk about video editing and graphic designing. Lee started off by talking about trending editing techniques, editing software out in the market, availability of resources, ethics and characteristics of a skilled editor, and networking in general. Students began getting involved as soon as she spoke about the free resources that are available to everyone. The involvement was perceived as soon as the environment went from formal to informal. “I wish somebody would have told me about these resources back when I was a student, it would have made things easier for me, and today, I’m here facilitating them to you guys,” Said Lee.

Shortly after her talk, Bryce McNeil, student media advisor, said that most students are always in need of media editing resources, and that the speaker’s contribution will be beneficial at some point or another in the student’s or future graduate’s editing career. He also encouraged the students to ask as many questions as they can, and to write down the information that Lee provided. “You don’t necessarily have to wait until you graduate to afford these big great editing tools, there are a lot of things that are immediately at your disposal,” said McNeil. Lee also encouraged the students to develop good work ethics. If students want to be a part of the editing aspects media, then they have to realize that they are no longer working on projects to receive praise. According to her, editors have to create things based on their supervisor’s guidelines and they have to be almost perfect due to the fact that no video editor are not irreplaceable. “It’s not about you. It’s about helping this editor or director bring into life their piece,” said Lee. “It’s really all about listening to them, understanding what they want and how to help bring together their piece as best as possible,” Lee also talked about the importance of networking in the field. “If you have those skills, have that motivation and drive, and you have networking, the world just opens to you,” She also encouraged the audience to sign up for a Twitter account for business and networking purposes only. She finished her talk by providing a list of the editors and editing companies on twitter that like to interact with followers.

After the event, Lee commented that she was very happy to have been invited to the conference. Contributing to the conference was her way of giving back to the university that gave her a degree. “It’s just really funny how I’m back again, but this time to teach you guys what I’ve learned in the real world,” said Lee.


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